Our Difference

We don't just cast a wide net, we delve deep and search beyond "expected" channels. It's all part of our belief in quality, vision, and value.

Our Difference


A recruiter is “the face” of your company to a potential employee.Therefore, it’s important that whoever contacts industry professionals on your behalf makes a positive impression. We make all calls to candidates ourselves, no delegating to junior colleagues. We’ve had many candidates tell us, “I never return calls from headhunters. But something about your message made me call you back.”



We’re creative about where to source talent. For one client who was seeking a high caliber leasing representative, we presented a slate of real estate attorneys with excellent interpersonal skills. For another client who was seeking a PR manager, we presented a real estate journalist.

Additionally, we consider your talent needs from both your and the candidate’s perspective: because if the job doesn’t make sense for the candidate, then chances are the candidate isn’t right for you.



Fixed Rate Pricing

We don’t believe retained search firms should base their fees on candidates’ first-year compensation. That formula gives the search firm an incentive to either present the most expensive candidates available, or negotiate the favorite candidate “up” rather than “down.” So we prefer to agree on a fixed price upfront.

Of course, like any reputable firm, we guarantee our work. If a candidate we place with you does not, for any reason, remain employed by you for at least six months, then we will repeat the search again at no extra charge, other than any mutually agreed upon out-of-pocket costs, such as advertising or travel.